Wat is het verschil tussen een one-click supplier en een integrated supplier?

What is the difference between a one-click supplier and an integrated supplier?

A one-click supplier is a dropshipping supplier that you can literally activate in one click in our app. An integrated supplier is a dropshipping supplier for which you need an account with the supplier.

If you receive an order from a one-click supplier, you can easily pay for it in our app. After the purchase price of the order has been paid, the supplier will ship the order to your customer.

With an integrated supplier you pay via the payment system of the supplier itself, often via direct debit. This is linked to the account you have with the supplier.

For example, TWM is an integrated supplier. To dropship with TWM you must have a sales account with the supplier.

Growing Concepts is a one-click supplier and therefore you can activate this supplier directly in the app!
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