Zo vind jij Nederlandse dropshipping leveranciers!

This is how you find Dutch dropshipping suppliers!

This is how you find Dutch dropshipping suppliers!

Dropshipping is a well-known revenue model that has already gone through quite a few developments. Until recently, anyone could easily dropship products via Chinese websites such as AliExpress and AliBaba, but now there are more and more regulations regarding dropshipping via China. 

An example of this is that nowadays you have to pay VAT and import duties on products you buy via China. This means that the margins are a lot less favorable than they have been. In addition, the dropshipping of Chinese products is regularly put in a bad light through various media. That was to be expected, given the long delivery times, poor communication with suppliers and untested products.

For these reasons, more and more online entrepreneurs are looking for quality and reliable Dutch dropshipping suppliers. But how do you find it? We explain it to you in this blog.

Different dropshipping suppliers

In general, there are two different forms of Dutch dropshipping suppliers. You have suppliers who are fully equipped for dropshipping, where you can often get started very quickly. A good example of this are TWM and Van Der Meer . These are two of the Netherlands' largest dropshipping suppliers.

The advantage of these suppliers is that they have a wide range, have a strong digital infrastructure and offer services that make it easy for you to dropship. The disadvantage is that these suppliers have a lot of business customers, so you can have to deal with competition.

In addition to suppliers who are fully equipped for dropshipping, there are also dozens of Dutch companies and brands that are looking for resellers of their products. These are parties that do not directly promote dropshipping, but are always looking for parties or (online) stores that want to resell their products. A good example of this is Growing Concepts . The advantage? Less competition and unique branded products to sell. The disadvantage is that the offer is often more limited. 

How to use GOGETTERS to find your supplier

Various Dutch Dropshipping suppliers are active within the GOGETTERS app, with which you can directly link your webshop. The wholesalers range from large dropshipping suppliers to smaller brands. On our homepage you can see which suppliers are connected to our app. With the app you can use one or more suppliers at the same time. How many there are depends on your subscription. 

How to use the internet to find your supplier

There are a lot of people looking for 'Dropshipping suppliers' on the internet. That way you are sure to find some good wholesalers. However, are you looking for a dropshipping wholesaler in a specific niche or with a specific offer, for example because you have done research? 

Then type the product category you are looking for in Google. Then add 'business' or 'become a reseller' , so for example: 'Inflatable swimming pools for business'. There is a good chance that you will then find online suppliers who sell your products for business.

Found a supplier? Automate your webshop and orders

Have you found a suitable supplier, but it is not yet in the GOGETTERS app? Send us an email ! We are happy to integrate your supplier into the app for you, so that you can link your webshop with the supplier you have found. 

The advantages? We keep track of the supplier's stock for you on your webshop. Do you receive an order? We will then automatically forward this to the supplier and send your customer a Track & Trace code as soon as the order has been shipped by the supplier.

In addition, importing products is a breeze. No hassle with CSV files, price lists, links from images or other manual work. Via the app you can import the products of your supplier individually, per product category or in total to your webshop. Within a few clicks of the button.

Have you found a suitable supplier in the GOGETTERS app? Then activate it in your GOGETTERS app and you can start right away.

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