5 ways to make money with dropshipping

5 ways to make money with dropshipping

Are you struggling to get your first order? Or are you looking for new ways to generate more sales and take your dropshipping business to the next level? In this article, I will discuss several ways you can increase your sales.


Marketplaces such as an Amazon or Blokker are popular platforms where consumers can easily store online. By offering your products on these platforms, you can reach a large audience. The advantage of these marketplaces is that they already have an existing customer base and generate a lot of traffic. In addition to expanding your reach and increasing your sales, selling through these platforms can also help build brand awareness. By offering your products on these platforms and ensuring a good customer experience, you can gather positive reviews and feedback. This in turn can lead to increased trust in your brand and may encourage potential customers to order from your own website as well.


TikTok is a fast-growing platform that you can use well for organic reach. If you create entertaining videos of your products (and add a touch of humor) you can grow very quickly in a short period of time and completely for free! An example of a good video is the following video from myveggiechopper. On this video alone, they already have 500K views. Remember, even if you only get 1000 views on a video that is valuable. So take advantage of this oppurtunity and post new videos consistently.

@myveggiechopper just go add it to your cart right now💅 #veggiechopper #tiktokmademebuyit #amazonfinds #amazonkitchen ♬ original sound - My Veggie Chopper™


Paid TikTok ads
You can also use paid TikTok ads to increase your reach and revenue. TikTok ads are relatively new, but the platform offers several options, such as in-feed video ads and branded hashtag-challenges. Although TikTok does not disclose official ad costs, the platform maintains a minimum budget of €50 (€50 per day) at the campaign level for advertising. While this may sound like a lot of money to some, especially if it is your first time advertising on TikTok, the platform has a clear reason for this. By having this minimal budget, TikTok gives the algorithm enough time to gather enough data and adapt to your target audience. This can ultimately result in better results for your ads and can help increase the likelihood that you will continue to advertise on the platform. In short, using a minimum budget on TikTok is a smart move to make your ads more effective and improve your ROI.

Approach people who show interest in similar companies/posts

A free way to generate sales is to target potential customers who like Instagram posts from related businesses. You can do this, for example, if you are just starting out and don't have that much budget to invest in ads yet. Start by searching for hashtags relevant to your products and then check out accounts related to your business. For example, you can send the people who like pictures of these businesses a dm with a special discount code. So suppose you sell garden furniture, look for popular accounts that post about garden furniture. And send the people who like these pictures a dm with "20% off all garden furniture with the discount code TUIN20 on (put the link to your webshop here)".

Google Shopping

By advertising on Google Shopping, your products are shown to people searching for similar products in Google. The advantage of Google Shopping is that it targets intent searches, allowing you to reach potential customers who are already actively searching for your products.

Writing Blogs

Writing blog articles on well-known websites can help increase your sales. By sharing interesting and relevant information on websites that already get visitors, you can take advantage of their reach. For example, you sell clothing, make sure you are mentioned on well-known fashion blogs.

It is also important to write blogs on your own website referencing your products. This helps you become more findable in Google. Examples of good topics to blog about on your own website are:

      • A blog about new product you added to your shop
      • A manual or roadmap
      • A blog on a topic you would like to be better found on
      • A blog with an answer to a question you often get


An example of a blog explaining products


Whether you use marketplaces like Bol.com and Amazon, TikTok ads, Google Shopping or writing blog articles, there are plenty of ways to boost your company's sales. So what are you waiting for? Use these tips and get started growing your dropshipping business!

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