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Dropship with European suppliers on your favorite platform

Download and install the app or plugin completely free of charge for any platform. After installation, you can activate your subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an integrated supplier and a one-click supplier?

A one-click supplier is a dropshipping supplier that you can activate literally In one click in our app. An integrated supplier is a dropshipping supplier that requires you to have an account with the supplier.

When you receive an order from a one-click supplier, you pay for it easily in our app. After the purchase price of the order is paid, the supplier will ship the order to your customer.

With an integrated supplier, you pay through the supplier's own payment system, often by direct debit. This is linked to the account you have with the supplier.

Do you also offer a free subscription?

We offer a free plan for any platform that allows you to sell products directly from one-click vendors. All you have to do is download and/or install our plugin, and then you can activate the free plan directly in the app.

Does the app work exactly the same on all platforms?

Yes, our dropshipping app works exactly the same for each platform. Just keep in mind that with Prestashop and WooCommerce, you are dependent on your own hosting. With Shopify, this is included in your Shopify subscription.

Is the link terminable on a monthly basis?

Yes definitely. The link can be cancelled at any time and from the moment of cancellation you will no longer receive invoices, provided there are no outstanding bills. You can cancel by contacting support.