How do I increase my conversion rate? Read some tips in our blog!

How do I increase my conversion rate? Read some tips in our blog!

Conversions, as an online business owner, you can't do without them. Conversions create data, sales and (if all goes well) profits. But how do you increase the conversion rate on your website? How can you optimize your conversion rate and what are absolute conversion killers? You can read it in our blog.

Map your customer journey

Mapping the customer journey allows you to get to know your target audience better. The customer journey is the customer journey from the moment a (potential) customer discovers a need for a product (subconsciously) until the moment he or she has the product in his or her home. Aftercare towards your customer is also an important part of the journey, to stimulate repeat purchases.

 customer journey


By mapping this customer journey, you know exactly how the customer comes to your product, what steps he or she must go through to find, purchase and ultimately use the product.

Map the pain points within this customer journey. Is your website easy to find? Are your online ads relevant and do you have a lot of traffic but few sales? If so, look at where the pain points are on your website or landing page. Where are people dropping out? Are your products hard to find on your online store? Or do many people just abandon the shopping cart? Here are some tips.

#1 Testing. Testing. Testing.

Through testing, you as an online entrepreneur gain insights into your website visitor's behavior. For example, test different (subtle) pop-ups on your website. Test the navigation between categories on your website. Test within email marketing and advertisements. Test with different offers on your homepage. Test. Test. Testing. Make sure you always test at least two variations to clearly observe the difference in behavior and response to your test.

#2 Make sure you have an effective search function on your webshop.

An absolute conversion killer is not being able to find the products the customer is looking for. So always make sure that the search function on your webshop is effective and that this search function helps your customer further during the search for a product.

#3 Communicate clearly about your delivery times and shipping costs.

Delivery times and shipping costs are very important to today's consumer. Test different variations to indicate shipping costs. How high is my conversion rate if I implement free shipping compared to my conversion rate if I do charge shipping costs? These kinds of insights and tests can be very interesting for online business owners.

#4 Personalize your communications

Use behavioral data on your website (e.g., using the Facebook Pixel) to personalize your communications. Use retargeting and advertise with a message relevant to the page (think product or category) they viewed on your website. By responding to your website visitor's interests and behavior, you can increase your conversion rate.

Did your customer fill in all their details, but ended up not purchasing anything? Try reaching out to them, for example, through an automated email with a one-time offer, to still complete their initial purchase.

#5 Win the trust of your (potential) customers.

There are many factors that influence the trust (potential) customers have in your webshop. Think of a professional look on your website, sharp pictures, error-free texts, a customer service with long opening hours, naming the unique advantage of your product and implementing a wide choice of safe payment methods. Get all of this in order to gain the trust of your potential customer. 

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