Producten die razendsnel verkopen in de zomer!

Products that sell very quickly in the summer!

Summer is just around the corner and a lot of online shoppers are eager to order. In this article, we'll show you six popular products that are selling fast this summer!

1. Sunglasses glasses

The sun is starting to shine again and that includes trendy or eye-catching glasses! This is the season for the crazy and especially not too expensive sunglasses. TWM has the perfect collection for this!

2. The Ibiza style towel

The perfect towel for a day at the beach with friends. This towel is ideal because they are not that thick and therefore take up less space in your bag. The pattern also makes this towel a real eye-catcher. This product was extremely popular in the summer of 2019. We expect this product to continue to do very well in the summer of 2020.

Available in different fun patterns.

3. Drinking Bottles

Drinking water is very important for your health. But sometimes we forget to drink enough water. What you can do to make drinking water a little more fun is buy a nice bottle. Drinking bottles are currently extremely popular and therefore an excellent product to sell. Popular options are the crystal water bottle and the water bottle with a spray to cool yourself down during exercise.

Super handy!

4. Bikinis

This is a product you can count on every summer. Women easily buy new bikinis and this is a perfect dropshipping product. AliExpress offers a huge range of popular bikinis. One way to sell the bikinis is to use influencers. This generally works very well with these products. (also ideal to give away to influencers if you receive bikinis back!)

* Pay attention! As a webshop you are obliged to take back all returns made within 14 days of receipt without reason. And since women sometimes order a lot, then try on at home and then send half back, it is important to take this into account.

Popular bikinis.

5 . Ab stimulator

Everyone wants to lose extra pounds in the summer. That is why this is also a top product to sell. All products that help with weight loss are definitely recommended to sell. For example, fat burning stickers or flat tummy teas also do well in the summer.

Lose fat effortlessly by automatically tightening the muscles.

6. Waterproof bluetooth speaker

All products that are waterproof sell very well, especially in the summer. Another example is the waterproof carry bag for your phone, cash and other valuables.

Ideal for the beach or on the boat.

Hopefully you now have a lot of new inspiration. A tip from us: google also consider marketing strategies for these products. You might find a complete blueprint that could save you thousands of dollars this summer!

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