3 practical tips to differentiate your webshop from your competitor's

3 practical tips to differentiate your webshop from your competitor's

In recent years, the turnover that webshops generate has increased tremendously. Many people and companies see their chance to start a webshop, which results in webshops experiencing more and more competition. It is therefore important that you stand out from the competition. In this blog, you will find three practical tips to help you stand out from the competition.

Create a brand experience

Create a unique "look and feel" on your website. Make sure your website is logically laid out, that the colors anddesignmatch what you sell. The consumer must be able to easily find their way around your website. Your potential customer must be able to count on you as an expert in the market you are in. Make sure that the USPs of your webshop are always visible to the visitor, so they know what to expect and why they should buy something from you.

In addition to a professional website, the content you use is incredibly important, both in gaining your customer's trust and in creating your own brand. Good quality content also helps your website rank higher in Google. Professional product images, product descriptions and advertising materials are essential for this. So spend time on this as well and tackle it carefully.

Some inspiring examples include Douwe Egberts, MediamarktaCoolBlue.

Tell what makes you unique

Many (starting) web shops use USPs (unique selling points), without an idea behind them. 'It looks good on your website' and 'it creates trust' are arguments you often hear. This is true in a sense, but are these USPs because they have to be, or because they really are Unique Selling Points?

Work on your USPs, make sure you can deliver on your promise to the customer, and see if it is possible to differentiate your USPs from the competition. For example, think about your customer service. How can you differentiate it from your competitors? Coolblue has become big with it.

Apart from the USPs you have as an online store or as a company, it is also important to name the benefits of the products you sell. Mention attractive factors such as durability, sturdiness, warranty, return policy, et cetera.

Some examples of powerful USPs? Check them out below.

  1. "You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less or it's free." - Domino's Pizza
  1. "Find a lower price and we'll match it." - Bestbuy.com 
  1. "World's strongest coffee" - Wish Coffee

The customer is king (!)

Do everything you can to keep your customer happy. Your customer is king, really. Dissatisfied customers create bad reviews, lots of returns, nasty comments on ads and a bad image. In contrast, satisfied customers actually create word-of-mouth and good reviews (which are more important than you think).

In addition to the good image you create by having satisfied customers, they are more likely to make their next purchase from your webshop again. You thus increase customer value with minimal effort. A regular customer base has enormous value: it costs you no (or less) advertising budget, the customers know what to expect from you and you can start rewarding loyalty, for example.

In addition, these customers provide insights about your target audience. You can use this data to respond to the possible wants and needs of your new (potential) customers. Therefore, talk to customers, know what they want and fulfill their requests. This can help you grow further.


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