Why choose Shopify?

Why choose Shopify?

You've decided, you want to start an online store. Now you still need to start looking into which platform you want to do this in. In this blog we will briefly explain why Shopify is a good choice as a SAAS solution for your online store.

Great for e-commerce

The number #1 reason to choose Shopify is because it is completely tuned for e-commerce, everything is optimized so that the visitor proceeds to purchase as easily and quickly as possible. In doing so, you have a clear dashboard which keeps you exactly up to date on how your sales are doing and where the areas for improvement are. So ideal if you are going to sell products, otherwise all these options are just an unnecessary luxury....

Ideal for people who don't want to learn all the ins and outs of codes

On top of that, Shopify incredibly user-friendly is. You especially notice this when you want to make changes to your site or implement a new idea. Shopify has a wide range of apps that you can use if, for example, you want to start adding reviews or add a discount code pop-up. There is an App developed for almost every idea! Adding payment methods and your social media accounts is also very easy with Shopify.

It works just fine

Compared to a Squarespace, for example, the advantage is that Shopify has a few more options, but again, is not as extensive as a Wordpress. This can overwhelm people. We always compare it to Apple and Android, Apple works better but with Android you can do more. You can see it the same way with Shopify (Apple) and Wordpress (Android).

Are you now curious about Shopify's clear dashboard and convenience? Then try it for free for the first 90 days via this link!

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