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Are you looking for a supplier with unique, high-quality art? Download our app and sell the unique art of Tigon Art on your webshop.

  • unique, high quality art
  • durable and unique
  • Free Shipping

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Product synchronization

Import products

Start selling immediately by activating the supplier you want to work with and selecting the products. Our app processes the orders for you and sends the customer a track and trace code so that they are kept informed of their order.

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Available Plugins

Select your favorite platform and start offering high-quality art on your online store!

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Access to European suppliers

High quality dropship products and fast delivery.

Product synchronization

Import products including product photos, descriptions and stocks.

Automatic order processing

Orders are automatically forwarded to the supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an integrated supplier?

With an integrated supplier, you enjoy all the automated benefits our app has to offer, including integration with your account at your chosen supplier. Note that you do need an account with the supplier here. You can easily request this from your desired supplier.
Payment for products goes through your account with the supplier. This is often through automatic debit.

What is a one click supplier?

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Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

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If I have two webshops, do I get a discount?

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What are the one-time costs for?

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